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Enjoy Cinema to learn Spanish!

Studying a foreign language is difficult and requires effort, but there are always activities that help us learn that are much more fun and entertaining.

Watching Spanish cinema is one of these activities. The level of Spanish is different for each student, but the thing about film is that activities can be adapted to your level.

If your Spanish level is low, you can watch the film in its original version with subtitles in your native language.

If your level is intermediate, you can watch the film in Spanish with subtitles in Spanish.

If your level is high, you can watch the film in Spanish without using subtitles.

Everyone likes to watch movies. Today, we have all kinds of movies at our disposal: action, drama, comedy, science fiction, and so on.



Do you want to improve your Spanish and have fun at the same time?

Would you like to see great actors, actresses and directors of the Spanish-speaking world?


Let’s see examples of the best films for all tastes!

Now you have no excuse, if you want to watch movies in Spanish, there’s a movie for you!


📚 Activities:

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