SPANiCENTER ~ FAQs ~ Learn Spanish ~ Speak Spanish
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Do you have questions?

Here you can find a lot of answers or make your own questions.

Why SPANiCENTER can help me?

Because the most important for us it is YOU. We customized lessons 100% for you. Our communicative methodology will make you improve quicker than traditional ways.

When can I get my lessons?

You can book your lessons when suits best for you. We are available 24/7.

How much time are the lessons?

General lessons are 50 mins long, more or less. If you are in middle of an exercise the teacher never will stop the lesson.

Why no Skype?

Skype is not fluent a lot of times and it needs a really good connection for an optimal resolution.

We don´t use extra software, we will provide you a direct link to join the lesson in your own navigator (Chrome recommended).

Do I need something for the lesson?

All content is digital. Of course, you can take notes by your own.

All material, theory and practical, will be delivered by mail to you when lesson have just finished.

Do I have to buy material?

No all our content will be free for you.

In some cases, your teacher could you recommend a book, film, music that we cannot provide to you.

Will I have a native teacher?

Of course, in SPANiCENTER all our teachers are native, qualified and experienced. We have the best Staff ever.

Which method of payments do you accept?

We accept Paypal and Credit Card by Stripe; both are the safest payment method.

Do I have limited time to use that?

Your package expires after 365 days. But you won´t let it happen, right?

How subscriptions work?

You choose your best option: nice, supernice, chill or superchill.

Then you only have to worry about learn Spanish with the best team, every month it will renovate until you decide to stop it.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, we are clear as water, you will be available to stop your subscription in the moment you want.

If you don´t know how to cancel, you only have to write us to and will do for you.

What happen if I do not attend my lesson?

We really don´t want to see this happen, but you have to understand that teachers are spending time in prepare the lesson and make it happen.

Sadly, you will lose this lesson (code).

Could be two people in a lesson?

All our lessons are private, but if you have a child, love, friend that wants to learn Spanish with you, there is no problem to be 2 people in lesson.

Is it recommended for children or teenagers?

Yes, we have our content adapted for all ages. We will provide reports to their parents if you ask for this.

What happen if I never studied Spanish before?

There is no problem at all. All our teachers speak English to support you, but our goal is make you speak Spanish, so will be recommended talk in Spanish all the time. But if you are really beginner don´t worry, we will support you.

We are a Company; can you help us?

Of course, we have experience with executives with a professional Spanish required. So, you can write to to talk about your case.

We will pleased to provide you the best solution.

What is the Trial Class?

Our FREE trial class is not a class indeed. It´s our way to know more about you and your needs.

You will meet with our head teacher, María. She will show you a little about SPANiCENTER, vision & mission. But the most important is you, so we will speak about your needs and your reasons to study Spanish.

Do I have to pay for the Trial Class?

No, it is totally free. We want to let you know us and how we work. When you will purchase a subscription or package at SPANiCENTER you will be secure it won´t disappoint you.

How can I get my Free Trial Class?

You only need to book your Free Trial Class HERE at the day and hour best suits for you. If you have any problem you can contact us at

What´s about pricing?

We have two options.

Subscription: if you want to take a routine, this is your best option. SPANiCENTER will help you to improve your Spanish level step by step from the first lesson.

Packages: you can purchase 5, 10 or 20 private lessons to be used as you want.

How can I book my lessons?

You have to go to <<Booking Area>>, pick your general lesson (25€ valued) and book it, you will ask for a code, you had received into your mail when you purchased it.

Anyway, if you have any problem, you can write us to and will support your in everything.

Can I reschedule a lesson booked?

Yes, but always 24 hours before the time booked.

Can I cancel a lesson booked?

Yes, but always 12 hours before the time booked.

Can I get my money back?

Yes, you can ask for refund your money, you only have to write us to, and we will try to found a solution, in case there is not a solution. Your money will be refunded (lesson that you have left).