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Real Immersion Methodology (to learn Spanish)

Hello everyone and welcome to a new blog about learning Spanish.  🖐🏼🖐🏼

This week we will talk about the immersion methodology to improve our Spanish quickly. In this case we speak about Spanish, but it can be applied to any language we study and  everyone knows that learning a language is a major journey.

When we finally decide to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, in order to practice Spanish and study with natives, we see that there are many options for studying.

There are endless ways and methodologies to improve your knowledge of a second language.  🙄

You can go to classes a few hours per week, with a group of students at the same level (more or less). You can also attend individual classes where the professor is focused on you. You can choose between extensive or intensive courses (it depends on your time and your money).

Generally speaking, each of these learning methods has its advantages and its drawbacks. But you should also consider your individual characteristics to know which type of course is right for you.

Later on, we’ll give a more detailed explanation of these different ways of learning a language, but right now we’re going to talk about immersion.

It’s always interesting to go to a Spanish-speaking country to learn the language firsthand and enjoy the culture at the same time. But if what interests you is taking advantage of the trip to improve your mastery of the language, you’ll need to dedicate at least one week to a real immersion course.

Many academies and language centers offer courses that carry this name, but you must be careful because most of the time, they are actually intensive or super-intensive courses in the mornings, with cultural activities in the afternoons.

This type of course is not a true immersion course!

In a real immersion course, you should have individual classes (at least four hours per day) and preferably with several professors.

It isn’t recommended to follow a book, since your goal isn’t to study specific grammar or vocabulary, but to improve your mastery of the language by competences in a way that is primarily communication-based, much more useful for real life.

Afternoon activities, must be done in groups of 4-5 people at most, and each group will always be accompanied by one or two professors who will guide the activity at all times.

Your Spanish immersion continues during mealtimes. One or several professors should accompany you. They will encourage fun conversation in Spanish that will help you be able to use the language in any situation, not just in a work or academic setting, but also for social or recreational purposes.

As you can see, this type of course isn’t common. They provide a tremendous boost to anyone who is really interested. Plus, they help us to learn and share different cultures and customs.

This is the best option if you want to improve your Spanish fast and in the best environment!!  🌍🌎

For more information do not hesitate to consult the information on our website or ask us!! 


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