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SPANiCENTER in Stockholm. Live the Spanish experience!

SPANiCENTER try always to give the best to our students, we want you learn Spanish online with the best quality and the best customer care, so we are constantly improving our services.

In this way,  SPANiCENTER was been selected by EOI for their program: #EuropeanCoworkings, international campus bootcamp for startups. It was a really nice experience from the beggining till the end (in September in Madrid, we will got you update!).

Our international europe center was Impact Hub of Stockholm, Sweden. There, we were working for 5 weeks with an awesome team of professionals who helped us to grow and understand better the learning of Spanish in Sweden.

In this way, SPANiCENTER celebrated a special event called: Learn sangría and drink Spanish. That afternoon was really special for us, it was our first public event featuring SPANiCENTER. We talked, laughed, learned some Spanish and drank a little sangría 😉! At the end of the day, a wonderful experience for us and we also hope for all the attendees.



We had the great pleasure of finding some wonderful human beings, as Van would say, who made our experience something unforgettable and profitable. We share experience with two other Spanish projects: Arquitecnia Estudio and Patxus. Thanks you for being awesome people. We spent a lot of time working but we also had tons of fun as you can see 😄!


We discovered Stockholm, an endearing city. We fell in love really quick.  It is an open, multicultural, ecological and modern city; with no doubts, one of the best cities in the world where you can live. Time passed very quickly but we had fun, although we had to work hard 😋.

Now, we already know that the Vikings also speak Spanish and we are really happy to help them!


If you want to improve your Spanish quickly, book your free trial class with us    

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